Fix the Cost of Living Crisis

The current government's mismanagement of the economy has made the cost of living crisis much worse. The Liberal Democrats are demanding urgent action to help people with soaring energy, food and housing costs.

Woman looking worried about bills

A Fair Deal for the Economy

The Liberal Democrat plan includes:

  • Invest in infrastructure, innovation and skills to create good jobs and prosperity in every UK region and nation.
  • Help people with the cost of living and their energy bills by implementing a proper, one-off windfall tax on the super-profits of oil and gas producers and traders.
  • Make taxes fair, ensuring that tax burdens don’t fall disproportionately on low earners.
  • Abolish the separate Capital Gains tax-free allowance, to tax income from wealth more similarly to income from work.
  • Safeguard the UK’s economic prosperity while making the investments our country needs.