Save our NHS

High-quality healthcare, free at the point of use, is essential for both individual freedom and national prosperity. Good health gives people the freedom to live the lives they choose, and a thriving economy needs a healthy population.

Anna standing in front of amublance, with A&E statistics overlaid

A Fairer Deal for our NHS

The Liberal Democrats plan includes:

  • Give everyone the right to see their GP within seven days, or within 24 hours if they urgently need to.
  • Reform NHS dentistry so that no one is forced to pay hundreds of pounds for private care.
  • Finally put mental health on the same footing as physical health.
  • Invest in public health and prevention so that fewer people get ill and need treatment.
  • Recruit, train and retain more doctors and nurses to fill the thousands of vacancies in the NHS and cut waiting times.
  • Fix the life-threatening crisis in our ambulance services and provide emergency funding to tackle poor response times.